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Cluster Beans

The guar or cluster bean, with the botanical name Cyamopsis tetragonoloba, is an annual legume and the source of guar gum. It is also known as gavar, gawar, or guvar bean. The origin of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba is unknown, since it has never been found in the wild. Cluster bean is an annual legume. These beans are the smaller and flatter relative of the regular green beans. Cluster beans are very common in India, especially in the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

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Uses of Cluster Beans
The mature pods – the seeds are harvested to be dried and powdered to flour known as guar gum.
Guar gum is used as thickening agent in commercial food preparations like ice creams etc.
The cluster beans are not only low in calories but are also very effective in lowering the blood sugar and cholesterol levels.